Samba Debit MasterCard Card
GLOBAL Recognition, GLOBAL Acceptance
Pay, shop, dine, make everyday purchases, travel, entertain. Do it all more powerfully, more securely and more conveniently in Pakistan and around the world - with the new Samba Debit MasterCard.

Samba Debit MasterCard Card is an ATM/Debit card that lets you shop worry-free and cash-free. No bill payments at the end of the month as you make purchases using your own money. Samba Debit MasterCard, also gives you 24/7 access to your Samba account and is accepted at over 1.4 million ATM machines and over 32 million merchants around the world showing the MasterCard® logo.

Want access to your money wherever and whenever you want? With the Samba Debit MasterCard you get the convenience of making purchases or withdrawing cash wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Samba Debit MasterCard is an ATM/Debit card that lets you shop worry-free and cash-free. No bill payments at the end of the month as you make purchases using your own money. You can use your Samba Debit MasterCard almost anywhere in the world wherever you see the MasterCard logo. It's quick and secure and you can use it for purchases big or small with added security of EMV Chip.

Features at a Glance
 Withdraw cash at local and international ATMs.
 Pay for goods and services at MasterCard POS retailers in Pakistan and abroad.
 Transfer funds to other Samba accounts or to any other account with a 1LINK    member bank.
 Pay utility bills and top-up your cell phone balance.
 Access multiple accounts from a single card.
 Up to 3 Supplementary/Add-On Cards for your loved ones (optional).

Special Features
Exclusive benefits available on Samba Debit MasterCard.

Use your debit card for all your shopping, at home and abroad.

Use your debit card to pay for petrol at any filling stations.

Use your debit card to pay for dinner at your favorite restaurants.

Use your debit card to withdraw cash at any Samba ATM or any ATM worldwide that displays the MasterCard logo.

Choose Your Own PIN
You may change your PIN any time by visiting the nearest Samba ATM.

Fees & Charges

What is Samba Debit MasterCard?
Samba Debit MasterCard is an internationally accepted MasterCard ATM / Debit Card that is linked to your Samba Bank account, allowing spending on shopping outlets and cash withdrawals at ATMs.

What is the difference between a Samba Debit MasterCard and a Credit card?
A Samba Debit MasterCard allows you to pay for your purchases using your own money through the MasterCard network, while a credit card provides you with the ability to access credit, which you then repay at a later date.
This means with Samba Debit MasterCard you can access the MasterCard network using your own funds without worrying about receiving a credit card bill at the end of each month.

How do I make a purchase using my Samba Debit MasterCard?
 On your purchase the cashier will 'dip or swipe' the Card and give you a charge slip.
 Check the transaction amount and sign the slip or in some countries abroad you may    be required to enter your 04 digit ATM PIN.
 Once the transaction is complete, the amount will be deducted from your Samba    Bank Account.

How long is my Card valid for?
The validity period of the card is 5 years from the date of issue.

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